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Get to Know Blue Barn Homes: Our Commitment to Home Sellers

At Blue Barn Homes, our legacy is rooted deeply in the world of real estate. Founded by the dedicated Aaron, our company stands tall as a beacon of hope for homeowners who wish to sell their properties smoothly. With over a decade of rich experience, Aaron’s passion for real estate was ignited from his father’s profession, a connection that has been nurtured over the years.
So, why choose Blue Barn Homes? When you decide, “I want to sell my house,” or ponder, “Who will buy my home quickly?”, our answer is straightforward: Blue Barn Homes is not just another name in the real estate market. We are genuine problem solvers. From complicated foreclosure scenarios to tricky probate situations, our team dives deep to present solutions that cater to your unique needs.
Our primary aim? To ensure that selling your house becomes a hassle-free experience for you. We pride ourselves on our three-pronged approach to property buying:
Blue Barn Homes

Fair Cash Offer

For those looking for a quick sale, our fair cash offers stand as a testament to our commitment to honest pricing.

Blue Barn Homes

Seller Financing

We recognize the diverse needs of our sellers, and thus, offer flexible financing options to ease the selling process.

Blue Barn Homes

Lease to Purchase

Another testament to our flexibility, catering to those who aren't ready for an immediate sale but want a secured future sale.

But there’s more. With the Blue Barn Advantage, we ensure that each homeowner feels valued, listened to, and cared for. It’s this very advantage that sets us apart in a sea of homebuyers and real estate agents.
Beyond just the buying and selling processes, our educational approach equips home sellers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions. With Blue Barn Homes, it’s not just about closing a deal; it’s about building a lasting relationship.
The man behind this vision, Aaron, has dedicated his life to elevating the standards of real estate dealings. His expertise extends beyond just buying homes. His family-oriented nature, reflected in his life with his wife, daughter, and beloved dog, translates into our company’s ethos. We treat every seller like family, ensuring your comfort and trust in every step of the process.
In a market saturated with options, Blue Barn Homes emerges as the trusted partner for countless homeowners. So, if you’re thinking, “I need to sell my home fast,” know that with us, you’re in capable and caring hands.

The Blue Barn Homes Mission: Serving Home Sellers with Excellence

At the heart of Blue Barn Homes lies a clear, unwavering mission: to transform the experience of selling your home into one of simplicity, trust, and satisfaction. Our name is synonymous with credibility and dedication in the real estate market, and this reputation stems from the vision of our founder, Aaron.
With a legacy rooted in real estate, Aaron’s commitment to the homeowners of our community is unparalleled. His aspiration? To ensure every individual thinking, “How can I sell my house fast?” or “Who will help me sell my home efficiently?” finds the answer in Blue Barn Homes. Through his dedication, Aaron has crafted a process that stands out in its excellence and efficiency.
When you decide to sell your home with Blue Barn Homes, you’re aligning with a team that genuinely cares. As real estate solution specialists, our approach is two-fold: solve and educate. Whether you’re facing foreclosure or probate complications, we’re here with tailored solutions that address your specific challenges.
Aaron’s passion for real estate, nurtured over a decade and passed down from his father, acts as our guiding light. While his personal life with his young family may seem distant from the world of property buying, it infuses our work with genuine care and understanding. Every seller becomes part of the extended Blue Barn Homes family.
Aaron Pues
Lauren Pues

Lauren Pues: The Dynamic Project Manager Behind Blue Barn Homes

Lauren Pues, co-owner and Project Manager/General Contractor at Blue Barn Homes, epitomizes the spirit of determination and passion. Having started on her real estate journey alongside Aaron Pues in 2021, she quickly demonstrated her innate talent and commitment by obtaining her general contracting license in a short span of time.
For Lauren, real estate is not just about properties; it’s about the rich relationships she nurtures and the diverse people she encounters along the way. Guided by her genuine desire to help, she finds profound fulfillment in steering homeowners through complex situations, offering them invaluable insights and solutions. Every client interaction is a testament to her belief that in every challenge lies an opportunity to make a difference.
A substantial portion of Lauren’s influential work takes place behind the curtains. With a keen eye for detail, she meticulously evaluates and formulates renovation budgets, ensuring that the financial aspects align seamlessly with the goals and aspirations of their clients. This crucial task often lays the foundation for the purchase offers that Blue Barn Homes confidently presents.
Lauren’s journey from being an avid DIY lover, making innovative changes around her own home, to becoming an integral part of a dynamic real estate business, reflects her relentless drive. Beyond her professional life, she gracefully juggles her responsibilities as a devoted stay-at-home mom, proving that with passion and determination, one can indeed wear multiple hats and excel in each role. At the heart of it all, Lauren’s unyielding commitment to excellence and her ability to infuse warmth into every project make her an invaluable asset to Blue Barn Homes and its clients.

Meet The Pues Family

Pues Family
Pues Family
Pues Family

Unveiling Blue Barn Homes: Your Trusted Real Estate Partner

Home Selling Options in Minnesota
Home Selling Options in Minnesota
At the core of Blue Barn Homes is an unwavering commitment to homeowners, radiating from a legacy of real estate passion and expertise. Our story is deeply rooted in genuine understanding, dedication, and an aspiration to redefine the way individuals sell their homes in today’s market.
Aaron, the visionary behind Blue Barn Homes, has dedicated over a decade to mastering the real estate landscape. Carrying forward a legacy from his father, who immersed himself in real estate in his 40s, Aaron has cultivated a unique blend of traditional real estate knowledge and creative problem-solving skills. While Aaron’s initiation into real estate began in residential lending in 2013, his journey has since evolved into establishing Blue Barn Homes as a beacon of trust for homeowners seeking solutions.
For those echoing thoughts like “How can I sell my home fast?” or “Which team can help me sell my house with utmost confidence?”, Blue Barn Homes stands out as the answer. Our dedication is not merely limited to buying houses. We delve deep into the realm of real estate solutions, specializing in alleviating challenges related to foreclosure and probate. Our modus operandi is simple: we listen, we care, and we provide unparalleled service.
So, as you decide on selling your home or seeking a real estate expert who truly understands your needs, let Blue Barn Homes be your trusted guide. With Aaron and Lauren at the helm and a team of dedicated professionals by their side, we’re here to transform your home selling experience into a seamless, rewarding venture.

Blue Barn Homes: Serving the Heart of Minnesota

At Blue Barn Homes, our roots run deep in the Minnesotan soil. Headed by Aaron, a passionate real estate expert with over a decade’s worth of experience, our team is focused on redefining the home-selling experience for residents across this beautiful state. If you’re pondering, “Where can I sell my house fast in Minnesota?” or “Who can help me sell my home with trust and confidence?”, we’re your go-to team.
Our primary service area spans the vibrant cities and towns of Minnesota. From the lively streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul to the picturesque neighborhoods of Edina and Minnetonka, our reach extends far and wide. Blue Barn Homes proudly assists home sellers in the following Minnesota locales:
Don’t see your Minnesota neighborhood listed above?
The list above is just a small sampling of where we buy houses in Minnesota but we help homeowners all over the state.