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We Offer Three Ways to Sell Your House in Minnesota

We’re not just your typical cash home buyer in Minnesota. We’re home selling experts and our goal is to give you options and solutions to help you sell your house fast, easy, and ALWAYS stress-free! Learn more about the Blue Barn Advantage.
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Fair Cash Offers

Ideal if you're looking to sell your house fast in Minnesota – a straightforward process free from the hurdles and stress of typical real estate transactions.

Blue Barn Homes

Seller Financing

We provide creative options that bypass conventional lending, offering a practical solution for those wishing to sell in Minnesota's competitive market.

Blue Barn Homes

Lease to Purchase

A unique option that blends the benefits of both leasing and selling, perfect for homeowners seeking flexibility in Minnesota's diverse real estate landscape.

Meet the Owner: Aaron Pues

At the core of Blue Barn Homes in Minnesota is a commitment to revolutionize the home selling process. Spearheading this commitment is our founder, Aaron Pues. A decade deep into the real estate market, Aaron carries forward a legacy; his father, who has been a powerhouse in the local real estate scene since his 40s.
For homeowners in Minnesota asking themselves, “How can I sell my house fast?”, or those wondering about the complexities behind “sell your house fast” advertisements, Aaron’s approach is refreshingly straightforward. Drawing from his background, which started with residential lending in 2013, Aaron isn’t just about buying houses. He is passionate about delivering a best-in-class home selling experience. It’s more than just a transaction; it’s about understanding the unique needs of every seller and offering tailored solutions.
Blue Barn Homes isn’t merely a “we buy houses” company in Minnesota. We stand out as genuine problem solvers. When home sellers are caught up in foreclosure or probate dilemmas, we extend our expertise, ensuring they’re educated to make informed decisions. Aaron’s vision has paved the way for three distinctive options for those eager to sell their house:
Every homeowner’s story is different, and we listen to each one with care. By the end of the process, when you think, “I could sell my home fast and smoothly”, it’s a testament to the values Aaron has infused into Blue Barn Homes. Backed by a loving family and a zeal for hockey, Aaron’s personal touch resonates in every transaction, making selling houses in Minnesota not just efficient but also deeply personal.
Aaron Pues

Sell Your House Fast & Easy in Minnesota

If you’re in Minnesota and thinking, “I need to sell my house fast,” you’ve found the right place. Our unique approach to buying houses streamlines the entire process, making it easier than ever for homeowners across the state’s communities to sell with confidence and ease.
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The list above is just a small sampling of where we buy houses in Minnesota but we help homeowners all over the state.

Top Reasons Minnesota Homeowners Work With Us To Sell Their House

Minnesota homeowners, when faced with the need to sell their house, often find themselves caught in a web of questions: “How do I sell my house fast?”, “Can I sell my home without a realtor?”, or “Who can buy my property without dragging out the process?”. If these questions resonate with you, read on.
We Understand Complex Real Estate Situations

We Understand Complex Real Estate Situations

From foreclosure to bankruptcy, divorce-related sales to probate properties, we have the expertise to handle difficult real estate challenges. Selling a house in Minnesota can be overwhelming, especially during personal struggles, and we're here to simplify that.

Tailored Home Selling Options for ANY Situation

Tailored Home Selling Options for ANY Situation

Every homeowner's situation is unique. That's why we provide three distinct routes to sell your house: Fair Cash Offers for quick sales, Seller Financing to bridge buyer-seller gaps, and Lease to Purchase, combining lease benefits with eventual ownership.

No Middlemen, No Delays, No Stress, or Inconvenience

No Middlemen, No Delays, No Stress, or Inconvenience

Sidestepping the traditional real estate agent or Realtor route, we buy houses directly in Minnesota, ensuring that the sale of your house is fast, easy, and always stress-free. Say goodbye to prolonged market listings and unpredictable public showings.

We Specialize in Education and Empowerment

We Specialize in Education and Empowerment

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to real estate, it's everything. We make sure you're well-informed, especially when addressing issues like foreclosure and probate. Our goal is to help you make the best decision, armed with all the facts.

Genuine Care and Attentiveness

Genuine Care and Attentiveness

Selling a house is more than just a transaction. It involves emotions, memories, and sometimes, tough decisions. We listen, we care, and we ensure that your home-selling process in Minnesota is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Did we get your attention? Great!
Explore all the benefits of working with us to sell your house fast and easy. Visit our Why Choose Us page and discover all the advantages that await Minnesota homeowners like you.

Our Streamlined Process to Sell Your House in Minnesota

Hey, are you thinking, “How can I sell my house in Minnesota without the hassles of the traditional real estate market?” We’ve crafted a process that makes selling your house straightforward and efficient. Here’s a glimpse into how it works:
Step 1: Get Started

Get in touch with us

Kickstart the process of selling your house in Minnesota by simply completing our online form, or if you prefer a more personal touch, call or text us directly at (612) 440-9762.

Step 2: Property Review

We'll review your property

Once we receive your details, we'll conduct an in-depth review of your property. We might reach out for additional questions or to organize an in-person walkthrough to ensure we capture every detail of your house.

Step 3: Tailored Solution

Custom selling solution

Next we'll create a tailored selling solution focused on your unique goals, ensuring you maximize your profit and meet your selling objectives. Whether you want to sell your house fast or need specialized terms, we've got you covered!

Step 4: Close The Deal

It's time to close!

After presenting you with our custom selling solution, and upon your approval, we'll find a date and time to finalize the sale of your house in Minnesota. You get paid, and the house sale is complete, hassle-free.

Minnesota homeowners no longer need to worry about, “Who will buy my house without complications?” or “Can I really sell my home fast?”. With our transparent and efficient process, selling a house in the Minnesota real estate market becomes an experience to cherish, without the stress.
Curious to know more? Click on over to our How It Works page and get a closer look at how we’re changing the face of real estate in Minnesota for the better.

Minnesota Home Selling FAQs: Your Questions Answered

When it comes to selling a house in Minnesota, homeowners often have a number of questions about the process, especially if they’re goal is to sell their house fast. Our experience in the local real estate market has given us unique insight into the most common concerns of sellers. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the frequently asked questions we hear from homeowners.

How quickly can I sell my house in Minnesota?

The speed at which you can sell your house varies based on your situation and the specific home selling solution you choose. However, with options like Fair Cash Offers, the process can be expedited considerably.

Do I need a realtor or agent to sell my house?

While many homeowners choose to go through realtors, our specialized services allow homeowners to bypass traditional methods, often resulting in faster sales and fewer fees.

What makes your buying process different from traditional homebuyers?

Apart from traditional cash offers, we present unique solutions such as Seller Financing and Lease to Purchase. Our goal is to provide homeowners with flexible choices tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a stress-free sale. Also, don't forget to ask about the Blue Barn Advantage.

How do you evaluate the price of my house?

Our in-depth review of the house is based on current Minnesota market trends, the property's condition, and other critical factors, ensuring you receive a fair offer tailored to your specific needs.

What if my house is facing foreclosure or is in probate?

Our expertise lies in offering creative solutions for such challenges. We focus on educating homeowners in Minnesota about their best options, guiding them to make an informed decision.

Interested in more details or have other questions?
We genuinely care about making the home selling process simple and stress-free for every homeowner. Our commitment reflects in every interaction, ensuring that each seller’s experience exceeds their expectations. Please take a moment and check out our extensive list of FAQs to gain a clearer understanding of how we can help you in your home selling journey in Minnesota.

Why Cash Offers are the Best Option to Sell Your House in Minnesota

Selling a house can be a winding road, filled with unexpected turns. If you’re a homeowner in Minnesota looking to sell your house fast and without the usual complications, then a fair cash offer could be the perfect solution. Here are the distinct benefits of taking the cash route:
Blue Barn Homes

Quick and Hassle-Free Process

When you choose to sell your house for cash, you eliminate many of the traditional steps that can slow down the selling process. Say goodbye to the waiting game and sell your house fast without a hitch.

Blue Barn Homes

No Need for Repairs or Renovations

Selling traditionally might mean investing time and money in fixing up your house. With cash offers, your Minnesota house is bought as-is, any condition, saving you from unexpected expenses and stress.

Blue Barn Homes

Skip the Realtor and Agent Commissions and Fees

By selling your house in Minnesota directly for a fair cash offer, you can sidestep hefty realtor and agent fees and commissions, putting more money directly into your pocket.

Blue Barn Homes

Certainty in an Uncertain Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Minnesota can be unpredictable. A cash sale ensures a surefire deal without the risk of buyers backing out or financing falling through.

Blue Barn Homes

Tailored Solutions with the "Blue Barn Advantage"

Not only do you benefit from a direct cash offer, but with the Blue Barn Advantage, you also gain access to unique solutions like Seller Financing and Lease to Purchase, giving you a broader spectrum of choices.

Blue Barn Homes

Avoid Complicated Paperwork

Without banks and third-party lenders involved, the amount of paperwork reduces significantly, making the entire process of selling your house in Minnesota smoother and more straightforward.

Eager to enjoy these home selling benefits?
Start the process by filling out our Sell My House form, or get in touch by calling or texting us at (612) 440-9762. Experience the seamless process of selling your Minnesota property for cash, benefitting from the Blue Barn Advantage and the extensive real estate expertise backing it. Choose simplicity, choose flexibility, choose the cash way.

Thank you for considering Blue Barn Homes

We know that making the decision on how and where to sell your house is important. We recognize and deeply appreciate that you’re considering our company.
From the moment you think, “I need to sell my house,” to the final handshake after a successful sale, we’re committed to ensuring a smooth, efficient, and tailored experience. Our dedication to serving homeowners in Minnesota is unwavering.

Beyond Buying: Providing Solutions

More than just homebuyers, we take pride in being true real estate problem solvers. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, probate issues, or just need to sell your home fast, we’ve got you covered. The Blue Barn Advantage isn’t just a service – it’s a promise to provide solutions tailored for your unique situation.

A Legacy Rooted in Real Estate Excellence

The depth of our real estate expertise, shaped over decades, equips us to tackle diverse home selling challenges. This is more than just a job for us; it’s a legacy. Rooted deeply in the Minnesota real estate market, we’re passionate about turning challenges into success stories, house after house.
Every home has a story. Let’s write yours together. 😊
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